Sustainable Thought + Integrated Technology = Economic Growth & Savings

When you reduce your energy use, the cost of savings should go to you – not a third party. Too often that’s not the case. That’s why Private Energy Partners offers a new project development model. Our model ensures the math works in your favor, our process helps you realize the savings instead of giving it away.

Who we are

With a firm foundation in real estate,
construction and finance, Private Energy
Partners and our Team bring both know-
how and new thinking to distributed energy projects.

Who we serve

Our energy clients include universities,
hospitals, sports arenas and other
commercial and industrial facilities that
would benefit from on-site energy.

What we do

We design, develop and finance your energy project in a holistic way — always with an eye toward how changes to infrastructure influence your facilities energy performance.

we care about your bottom line


Energy Efficiency Meets the Cloud
Energy Efficiency Meets the Cloud

We believe in energy efficiency first. And we know achieving real energy savings starts with actionable...

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A Path to Zero
A Path to Zero

Our team will guide the design and development process with the goal of net zero, while understanding all...

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Superior Economics
Superior Economics

Our approach ensures that a financial analysis is started day one. Our process engages our Finance...

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Market Focus


A Florida university told us it wasn’t happy with its energy efficiency program. The school had partnered with an energy service company (ESCO) in a project that cost $12 million. The college had agreed to share savings with the ESCO. But on top of sharing the savings, the ESCO also was charging the college high service fees. As a result, the college was not seeing the cost savings it had expected.


Hospitals are very large energy consumers. Open 24 hours a day, they are constantly occupied, putting great demand on their lighting, heating and cooling system. Add to that medical procedures and patient care that require production of a large volume of hot water for sterilization and laundry.

Sports Arena

Today’s energy efficiency movement is about more than just saving energy in a building. It’s also about keeping the people within the building comfortable. Ice rinks create an interesting dilemma in that regard. The facility needs to be cold enough to keep the ice from melting, yet not so cold that spectators are left shivering. So sophisticated climate control is crucial.


Our approach to the Energy Efficiency was born within this market segment, given these facilities represent 95% of the aging building stock worldwide this market represents the potential for the largest impact to our economy, our environment and the future of our industry. We are fortunate to have implemented a very diverse business model and are able to address facilities needs regardless of their use. 

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